Florida Water

Florida means “flower,” so this is not water from Florida, but flower water that is refreshing and invigorating, so much so that athletes keep it in ice chests to cool them down quickly during events.

Florida Water has an alcohol base, so there is no actual H2O water involved with the creating of this wonderful liquid. It does, however, include ridiculous amounts of citrus and flower essence oils. When Florida Water is applied, any remaining alcohol scent immediately evaporates leaving a very long-lasting floral-citrus scent. You can use Florida Water in your bath, for anointing, or as cologne.

Florida Water is great for a quick pick-me-up through the day or to bless your special working tools or amulets.

Florida Water, Four ounce bottle $14.00. Includes shipping.

The convenient two ounce spray bottle makes self-blessing and refreshing a breeze.

Florida Water, Two ounce spray bottle $8.00. Includes shipping.

4 Thieves Vinegar

Made from a traditional conjure recipe, our Four Thieves Vinegar finds the balance point in your home and returns the energy inside it to a natural rhythm. It stills chaos, eliminates stress and drama, and washes away negativity and bad luck. Use it to clean thresholds, stairs, walls, doors, and door frames. It is a “liquid smudge” for your home that purifies the structure just as white sage and other agents purify the air.

Four Thieves Vinegar, one-ounce bottle $8.00.  Includes shipping.

Four Thieves Vinegar, four-ounce bottle $14.00.  Includes shipping.

Chinese Wash

Made from a traditional conjure recipe, our Chinese Wash is a joyful home blessing that invigorates a house with great energy, bringing good luck, abundance, health, and happiness. We call it “Happy in a Bottle.” Use 2-3 Tablespoons in your cleaning water or use straight on a clean sponge to wipe down your thresholds, stairs, walls, doors, and door frames. Best results come when using Chinese Wash immediately following an application of Four Thieves Vinegar.

Chinese Wash, one-ounce bottle $8.00.  Includes shipping.

Chinese Wash, four-ounce bottle $14.00.  Includes shipping.