10155393_10152144219328492_5774166420477566390_nKatrina Rasbold has worked as a professional life coach and Tarot reader for more than thirty years. Her readings are insightful and personal. She takes on a select few clients each week as her caseload and workload allow.

If you wish to order a Tarot reading from Katrina, please follow these steps:

  1.  Email Katrina to make sure she has room in her schedule to perform your reading. Typically, if she accepts you as a client, you will receive your reading within 24-48 hours of the order.
  2. Pay for your reading. You know better than anyone what level of insight you want for your reading. Do you want one question answered? A quick overview? An in-depth exploration of a subject? Choose according to your needs.
  3. Be very clear via email about the topic of your reading. Take some time to decide exactly what you want Katrina to cover in the reading. General readings are fine, but if you want specific information, please let Katrina know.
  4. Once Katrina accepts you as a client and you pay for your reading, she will let you know, based on her appointment schedule, when you can expect to receive your reading. When conditions are optimal for reading, Katrina will video record the reading and send it to you by private link. The link will remain active for a minimum of one year for you to reference. Katrina does NOT do phone readings. You must be able to watch a YouTube video and provide a working email address to get your reading.
  5. After you listen to your reading, you may email to ask questions about the information covered in the reading. If you want additional information that you did not initially request, you will need to purchase another reading.  Each reading order covers (1) reading on (1) subject. If other subjects come up in the course of the reading, Katrina will address them. If you wish to know about multiple subjects (work, love, housing, health, etc), you will need to purchase separate readings for each subject.

For example:  You contract with Katrina for a reading on your love life and ask 1) Is my boyfriend being faithful to me? 2) Will our relationship be long term?  3) Will he ever commit to me? and 4) Will his mother ever approve of me?  Katrina performs your reading and sends you the link. After you listen to the reading, you email her to ask, “But will we actually get married?”  “Will we have children together?” “Will our break up be amicable?” These are not questions you requested when you commissioned the consultation, therefore, you would need to order another reading to address those specific questions.

Other Important Information

– A Tarot consultation addresses how conditions are and how they are are changing at the time of the reading. When a Tarot reading is performed, it addresses current conditions, what significant factors led up to the current conditions, and how the situation is likely to evolve based on the current conditions. A Tarot reading can show you unexpected or unknown factors and can show you unexpected outcomes. You can, however, make choices that change the outcome of the reading. You always have free will to shift what is coming.

For example: Your reading shows that you that are going to take a job that involves extensive travel and will bring you financial abundance. If you actively choose to refuse all job offers, that outcome is unlikely to manifest. If your reading shows that you are likely to become pregnant within the next year and you choose not to have sex, you have made a choice that changes the outcome. 

– Consultation requests are filled in the order they are received. When you email to request a consult, Katrina will let you know if she can accept you as a client that week, based on her availability. She gives each consultation extensive time and energy, so your patience is appreciated. If she agrees to the consult, you will usually have your reading within 24-48 hours.

Katrina takes time from her day to provide readings to clients and it is a service like any other. She will always give you the best she’s got. She will provide active focus to your reading and will invest heavily in giving you the most concise information she can glean from the cards and psychically.

– Results are not guaranteed, especially since, as mentioned above, life choices can change predicted outcomes.

– Payment is expected because the service is rendered to you, just as if you purchased a haircut or a medical consultation. Payments are non-refundable.

– Katrina sometimes accepts barter in lieu of payment. Do not hesitate to offer, but do not be offended if the offer is rejected.

Types of Readings

  • One Question: If you have one question and want only a “yes,” “no,” or similar direct answer, choose the “one question” option. For multiple questions, order a reading for each question.
  • Brief Overview: This reading gives a “bare bones” analysis of a situation and describes any contributing factors and quick advice for the best outcome.
  • In-Depth Analysis: This reading provides deeper information about your situation and more guidance, based on your questions and the topic of your choice.

What Do Your Usual Clients Want to Know?

By far, the most common questions Katrina is asked to read on is a person’s love life. “What is he thinking about us?” “Will we get back together?” “Is she being faithful to me?”

The second most common questions involve work, career, and success. “What career path should I choose?” “Will I lose my job?” “Will I get the promotion?”

How Do I Pay For the Reading?

Click the drop-down menu below to pay by PayPal account or credit or debit card. Choose your reading or add any different amount (for a donation), enter your email address, then click “PAY NOW.”

Once Katrina receives your payment, she will perform your reading as discussed via email.

If you wish to “tip” for a reading that was particularly helpful, you may use the custom amount section of the drop-down menu or the “Donation” section below the drop-down menu.

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If you wish to “tip” for a reading that was particularly helpful, you may add a donation below:

Questions?  Contact Katrina at: thecreators@thecuspway.com

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