To “smudge” a home or area means to use smoke to clean, purify, and empower the air around it. We carry white sage smudge sticks, juniper and sagebrush smudge sticks, palo santo, cedar horns, and a mix called “Witch’s Broom” that contains sagebrush, lavender, juniper, cedar, and sweetgrass and is burned on a charcoal disk.


Our white sage is from a selected California grower who knows the proper way to grow, harvest, and prepare the sage for use.

Large White Sage Stick $15.00.  (approx 11-12″)

Large White Sage Stick $12.00. (approx 6-8″)

Small White Sage Stick $8.00.   (approx 4-5″)

We also have brooms, wings, and feathers to move the air as you smudge, as well as home blessing kits, home cleansing kits, and mini-smudge kits. Shipping costs are included in each price listed. Click the small thumbnail to see a larger version of the image:

Smudging Broom
Palo Santo Sticks

Smudging Brooms $8.00 each. A six inch room with a protective charm attached. Perfect for wafting smudge smoke in the right direction.

Palo Santo Stick $4.00 each. Palo Santo is the wood from a tree in Central America that is beautifully fragrant and perfusant. Light one end and blow it out,  allowing the glowing orange end to breathe a lovely scented smoke into the area. Once stick of Palo Santo can last for months. Palo Santo is approximately 3-4″ long.

Pheasant Wing $20.00 each for when a feather just is not enough smudge power. These wings are approximately 8″ long by 10″ wide.

Cedar Horn $15.00.  Harvested from the beautiful El Dorado National Forest, these cedar horns are fragrant and strong, approximately 11+” long, and bundled with care.

Sage & Juniper Smudge
Witch’s Broom Smudge Mix

Sagebrush and Juniper Smudge Stick $15.00.  Harvested from native California sites, these aggressive smudge sticks are fragrant and strong, approximately 11+” long, and bundled with care.

Witch’s Broom Smudging Mix – 1oz – $8.00.  This fragrant blend of sage, cedar, sweetgrass, lavender, and frankincense will provide fragrant cleansing to even the toughest areas of negativity. (includes shipping)

Mini Smudge Kit
Medium Smudge Kit

Mini Smudge Kit – $8.00.  A tiny (3-4″) abalone shell with a large sprig of blessed white sage.

Medium Smudge Kit – $12.00.  A smaller sized shell with one of our 4-5″ bound sticks of blessed white sage.

Home Blessing Kit

Home Cleansing Kit – $23.00.   Includes a 1 oz bottle of 4 Thieves Vinegar, a 1 oz bottle of Chinese Wash, and a medium smudge kit (pictured above) for a full, deep home cleanse.