Botánica de La Reina is a small but mighty shop and we use every inch available to display our hand-made and natural-made magical wares. One of our prime directives when we established the shop was to keep our prices affordable while offering beautiful, needful, powerful handmade products. Join us now for a photo tour of our quirky, wonderful, magical shop. You may click on the photos to enlarge them.



Long-time Sacramento residents will remember a store on Madison called “Her Place.” Botánica de La Reina is “Their Place,” dedicated to the honor of Life and Death, the Cycles of Birth and Rebirth, through Our Lady of Guadalupe and La Santisma Muerte.


We have a large selection of color magic candles (those perfect, vibrant colored little candles everyone uses), figure candles, carved candles (small column and taper), and 5 day prayer candles. We make custom candles on request, specific to your very need. We can even use images you provide. Our 5 day prayer candles come in both economy type and hand-poured, soy blend premium type. All are empowered and ready to work for you. In the shop, we bless the candle and bind it to you upon purpose at no extra charge.  We will also “Set the Lights” for you if you prefer not to do your own magical working. See our link under “Services” in the menu above for more information.


Botánica de La Reina has a strong selection of used Tarot decks and magical books of all kinds, all affordably priced according to the lowest price for the item’s condition on Amazon Marketplace. We also have new books written by the store’s owners, Eric and Katrina Rasbold.


In our display case, we have hand-forged athames and a large collection of chalices.

Do we have rocks? (“Minerals, Marie! They are called minerals!”)  Oh yes, we forever more have rocks/minerals. Our best sellers are the polished stones and our famous “Negativity Sucking Stones.” Each Negativity Sucking Stone is individually checked to make sure it has “pull” and by color and empowerment, pull negativity from people and places. We also have a fine array of “Hag Stones,” also called “Holey Stones,” of all sizes.


Working in cooperation with Wulf Expeditions, we have a huge selection of raw, powerful stones, including obsidian (rainbow as well), malachite, ocean stone, serpentine, travertine, selenite, fire stones, limestone, California jade, petrified wood, and many others. We also have the fancier, finer cut quartz, geodes, and other magical stones.

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Traditional oils, washes, and powders from both Conjure and Brueria are best sellers in our shop, all hand-made according to traditional recipes.



House cleansing is our specialty and we carry white sage, cedar, sagebrush and juniper sticks, palo santo, and sweet grass braids. Mini-smudge kits and home blessing kits are also available, as well as Chinese Wash and 4 Thieves vinegar to purify and bless your home.


We have a large selection of magical charms. You can buy a premade pendant or charm bracelet or we can make a custom arrangement for you. Pendants come on silver colored or bronze chains, on lobster claw cords, or on tied satin cords.

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Our inventory of curios is ever-changing with a few standards here and there.


Eric makes beautiful hand-crafted Germanic oak runes, all cut from a single oak branch and personally burned into the wood.