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Fixed candles, also known as prayer candles, get their name because a particular purpose is “fixed” into them. The Botanica has a stunning, beautiful array of 5 day glass fixed candles. We will also custom make a prayer candle for you on the spot with an image and words tailored to your specific need. We will then bless it for you and empower the candle directly to you while you wait.

If you order this online, please email us to let us know to what purpose we should dedicate the candle. Also please attach any particular image you wish to have on the candle in the highest resolution possible (please and take note of any usage or copyright restrictions). You will receive a candle designed by us and blessed to support your purpose.

If you do not wish to do the working yourself, we will set the lights for you and move the energy as you specify. This includes blessing and dressing the custom candle to your purposes, burning the candle on our personal altar, monitoring the process, and then sending you photos of the candle burning and after the work is concluded, complete with a report of the burning process.

Email us for more information on this process and to specify your goals for the work.  

Set the Lights (includes candle), $30.00

Next to each candle is a thumbnail of the candle. You may click it for a full view. Candles may be yellow, white, blue, or red as is appropriate to the goal of the candle. When dressing the candle, we use oils, herbs, and other materials that are sympathetic to the goal of the candle, then cover the top of the candle with plastic. Candles will burn for approximately 4-5 days, depending on how fast the energy flows.

All prices listed include candle, blessing, and shipping.


7 African Powers Fixed Candle – For love, money, luck, health, protection, power and success. $15.00 

Bitch Be Gone Fixed Candle – Gets rid of bitches as well as whatever you’re bitching about.  $15.00 

Break Up Fixed Candle – To cause a couple to break up.  $15.00.

Chupacabra Fixed Candle – Kicks all the ass. For when you are tired of abuse. $15.00

Cleo May Fixed Candle – Female protection and prosperity.  $15.00

Cut and Clear Fixed Candle – Breaks the ties that bind.  $15.00

DUME Fixed Candle – Death Unto Mine Enemies.  $15.00

Guardian Angel Fixed Candle – Protection during times of fear or danger.  $15.00

Happy Home Fixed Candle – Draws a new home to you or improves happiness in the one you have.  $15.00

Hot Foot Fixed Candle – Removes unwanted, intrusive people. Motivation.  $15.00

Love Honey Fixed Candle – Draws in love, especially male-male.  $15.00

St Michael Fixed Candle – Slayer of demons and other beasties.  $15.00

Our Lady of Guadalupe Fixed Candle – Honors the Lady and brings her blessings to you.  $15.00

Quick Magic Fixed Candle – Speeds up magic, which you need it NOW.  $15.00

Road Opener/Abre Camino Fixed Candle – Removes obstacles to success.  $15.00

Satyr Fixed Candle – Celebrating the Satyr and his playful and randy joy.  $15.00

Shut Your Mouth Fixed Candle – Ends rumor spreading and malicious gossip.  $15.00

Trabajo/Get a Job Fixed Candle – To find the perfect job.  $15.00

Whoop Ass Fixed Candle – For when you need to open a can of whoop ass.  $15.00

Bewitching Fixed Candle – Brings others under your glamoury.  $15.00

Black Cat Fixed Candle –  For gambling & money luck.  $15.00

CTFO Fixed Candle –  CTFO is an acronym for “Chill The F*** Out.” For when people just need to chill.  $15.00

Chuparrosa Fixed Candle – Draws a man to a woman.  $15.00

Come to Me Fixed Candle – Draws what you desire to you.  $15.00

Demon Be Gone Fixed Candle – Banishes evil (and demons).  $15.00

ST. EXPEDITE Fixed Candle – To speed up a process.  $15.00

Hand of Glory Fixed Candle – Unlocks closed doors, creates opportunity, works 5 goals at once.  $15.00

Healing Fixed Candle – Healing on all levels, peace, recovery.  $15.00

Justo Juez Fixed Candle – The “Just Judge” brings justice to any situation, especially legal.  $15.00

Lucky Dog Fixed Candle – Brings good luck and good fortune from unexpected places.  $15.00

Money Drawing Fixed Candle – Draws in money from sources known and unknown.  $15.00

Pay Me Fixed Candle – To get money that is owed to you.  $15.00

Reversing Fixed Candle – Reverses the energy of a situation that is moving in the wrong direction.  $15.00

Santa Muerte Fixed Candle – Invokes the Holy Death, brings endings.  $15.00

Showers of Gold Fixed Candle – Brings prosperity and fast money.  $15.00

Spellbreaker Fixed Candle – Breaks a spell and removes unwanted influences.  $15.00

Uncrossing Fixed Candle – To remove a curse, hex, or other bad energy.  $15.00

A Wish Come True Fixed Candle – To grant a wish.  $15.00

Chakra Candles

chakraOur Chakra candles are hand-poured with each individual layer dedicated to one of the seven primary Chakra points. Each candle includes instructions and a meditation to take you through the 7-day process of complete Chakra clearing. The pour on these candles is quite labor and time intensive; hence, the price.

5 Day Chakra Candle – $27.00.