Lucky #5 Soap – $8.00 each  —  Bringing good luck, especially in prosperity, this goats milk soap is a delightful blend of neroli, bergamot, ylang ylang, jasmine, oak moss, musk, vanilla, patchouli, sandalwood, and rose.

Chuparrosa – $8.00 each – With a heavy rose, frankincense, and myrrh blend in a goats milk base, this soap brings the right man to a woman.

Abre Camino Soap – $8.00 each – “Abre Camino” means “open roads” and this blockbusting goats milk soap removes obstacles to success. Its primary scents are lemongrass, lemon, cinquefoil, camphor, and mint.

Summer Daze Soap – $8.00 each – This relaxing goats milk soap combines cucumber and melon for a sweet but fresh cleansing away of anxiety and cares.

Ooh La La Soap – $8.00 each – This fragrant goats milk soap brings zip to your doo dah with a delicious and heady blend of melon, cherry, strawberry, coconut, pineapple, gardenia, pear, vanilla, mint, and apple scents.  Ooh la la!!

Come to Me Soap – $8.00 each – This goats milk based soap combines rose, patchouli, lemongrass, vanilla, musk, apricot, and berry scents to draw to you what you desire.

Tea Tree & Vitamin E Soap – $8.00 each – This soap is in a glycerin base and combines the healing powers of tea tree oil and vitamin E to create a perfectly balanced soap that is great for your skin and works fantastic rejuvenation magic.


These bath soaks are filled with herbs, five different salts, and oils that support the goal, all contained in a muslin bag. Run hot water in the tub, throw in the tea bag, let it steep for a bit, then follow the instructions on the package. The cost listed below includes shipping.

Protection Bath – $5.00 each  —  Cradles you in a fragrant protection wash that continues to work after you leave the bath

Uncrossing Bath – $5.00 each  —  Reverses negative energy sent to you and cleanses your spirit of any malevolent interference

Purification Bath – $5.00 each  —  Cleanses away what no longer serves you and eliminates obstacles in your path. Washes away anything that is not for your own greatest good and purifies your spirit.

Ooh La La Bath – $5.00 each  — Attracts romance, lust, and love.

Motivation Bath – $5.00 each  — Gets you motivated to achieve your goals.

Come to Me Bath – $5.00 each  — Draws to you what you desire.

Abre Camino Bath – $5.00 each  — Removes obstacles.

Chuparrosa Bath – $5.00 each  — Draws a man to a woman.

Fertility Bath – $5.00 each  — Increases chances of conception and also increases success of new endeavors.


Similar to Lush bath bombs, these are approximately the size of a tennis ball. We hand-press each of these fragrant bombs ourselves. Drop them into your warm bath and they will fizz and release a tantalizing scent.

Citrus Blast Bath Bomb – $8.00 each  — Orange and Lemon scented, great for motivation and invigorating. (Yellow)

Avalon Bath Bomb – $8.00 each  — Apple scented, awakens the magic within. (Red)

Lavender Peppermint Bath Bomb – $8.00 each  — For MENTAL healing. (Pink)

Tea Tree, Mint, Jasmine Bath Bomb – $8.00 each  — For PHYSICAL healing. (Green)

Magical Mystery Bath – $8.00 each  — Draws to you what you EXACTLY what you need. (Confetti)