Graveyard Dirt – 4oz for $8.00. Use Graveyard Dirt for protection and to create endings and peaceful resolution to situations. Our Graveyard Dirty is harvested with permission every Samhain at midnight from a 19th century cemetery.

Law Enforcement Graveyard Dirt – 4oz for $10.00. Same as above, but from the grave of “a good and honest law enforcement officer.” Know how hard those are to find?

Four Crossroads Dirt – 10oz for $8.00. Use Four Crossroads Dirt to move easily between the worlds (a crossroads is at once every place and no place) and to make decisions. Our Four Crossroads Dirt is taken from a crossroads historically used by the Pony Express to get to the Grizzly Flats, CA Wells Fargo Office.

Censor Sand – 8oz for $5.00. Perfect for pouring into any ceramic or metal container to conduct heat of incense or burning charcoal away from the container itself.


Red Brick Dust 2oz for $13.00. This dust is hand-milled from historical clay brick that are more than 100 years old. Use for extreme protection.

Lg Red Brick Dust 6oz for $30.00.

Cascarilla – 2oz for $5.00. Our hand ground cascarilla (powdered egg shells) is perfect for protection and purification, or it can be packed down to make cascarilla chalk.

Bitch Be Gone Powder – 2oz for $8.00. Nice smelling, but hard working because sometimes, you just gotta git rid of bitches. (There is an also a “Bitch Be Gone” fixed candle)

Blue Anil – 1oz for $5.00. Blue Anil is great for drawing in luck, especially in finances, for purification, and for uncrossing.

Black Salt – 10oz for $8.00. Our Black Salt is hand mixed from graveyard dirt from a 19th century local cemetery, ashes harvested from the store owners’ own hearth, and the finest sea salt. This highly protective salt is excellent for creating protective perimeters.

Goofer Dust – 2oz for $13.00. As one of my mentors put it, “There is no benevolent use for Goofer Dust.” This is straight out for forcefully propelling someone out of your life and off your radar. This stuff is so strong that the shop owners literally almost a divorce the week they processed it because they forgot to wear gloves while packaging it. This substance is extremely caustic and should be handled with great care.

Sea Salt – 2oz for $5.00.  As any practitioner worth their salt knows, sea salt is your first line of protection defense before stepping up to Black Salt and then on to Cascarilla, then to Red Brick Dust as the big guns.

Lg Sea Salt – 6oz for $8.00.

Your levels of protection are (from lowest to highest):

Sea Salt


Graveyard Dirt

Black Salt

Law Enforcement Graveyard Dirt

Red Brick Dust

Bitch Be Gone Powder

Goofer Dust or GTFO incense for major banishing

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