Curios delight our eye, stimulate our imaginations, and ignite our magical energy. Each of these items are imbued with their own traditional attributes and are classic additions to any magical collection. Please note: All prices include shipping

DSCN4909bAlligator Feet

Good luck in money and gambling. Used on its own or in a gris-gris or mojo bag. Fed with whiskey, cologne, or van van oil.

Large – $20.00

Small – $10.00



Used for protection, healing (especially rheumatism and male virility), gambling luck, getting a job, and increasing sales in an existing business.

Three Buckeyes for $5.00


catseye2Cat’s Eye Shells

These protection power houses are each actually the operculum (foot-closure) of a sea-snail called a Turban Shell or Turbo. They are said to ward off “the evil eye,” and are used on jewelry and mojo bags to repel evil, for protection, and for uncrossing.

$2.00 each


huayruro2Huayruro (Ladybug Bean)

Carried or worn, often as beads, for good luck, prosperity, and abundance. Also used in gris-gris.

Five for $3.00


These natural magnets look hairy, but the “hair” is actually mineral filings the magnetic field attracts. Lodestones are used alone or in gris-gris or mojo bags to draw something to the owner. They are excellent for “come to me” magic that involves drawing money, love, or some other situation to the owner. Lodestones are treated as living beings and must be “fed” something to which it feels a magnetic draw, such as magnetic sand or iron filings.

Large – $10.00

Small – $5.00

nailsRusted Nails

These nails are pulled from a structure that is over 100-years-old. They are square and well-rusted, and approximately 2.5″ long. Rusty nails are good for warding off what you do not want or sending away situations that are not to your advantage. May be used in Witch’s bottles or other protection devices. Great for nailing down what you want to stay put, magically speaking.

$2.00 each

skeletonkeysSkeleton Keys

A mainstay in magical work, skeleton keys are used to lock or unlock a situation, depending on the intention of the user. These powerfully protective amulets are sacred to Eleggua, Papa Legba, Saint Peter, Hecate, and Janus. Keys are used to open doors, unlock truths, and find new homes. Likewise, they can close and lock information and situations up tight.

Our keys come in small, medium, and large sizes. Because of the rapid turnover of this item, we cannot allow online customers to choose their own keys. Tell us the size you want and what you wish to lock or unlock (love, success, prosperity, wisdom, esoteric knowledge, etc) and one will be chosen especially for you in the size of your choosing, blessed to your purpose, and sent to you.

Large, premium, heavy skeleton keys – $6.00 ea

Medium, lighter weight keys – $4.00 ea

Tiny- $2.00 ea

snake shedsSnake Sheds

Parts of a snake shed are often used in gris-gris for purposes such as creating a life redirection (rebirth), ridding oneself of situations or habits that no longer serve, drawing in wisdom, and breaking out of difficult or constraining situations.

Our snake sheds are sold in segments that are 3-4″ long.

3-4″ – $5.00

StarAniseStar Anise

This lovely seed comes from an Asian tree in the magnolia family that was buried around the tombs and temples of Japan. It is little wonder since the attribute it conveys is that of restful, restorative sleep with prophetic dreams.  They ward off envy and bring good luck to the carrier. Use in gris-gris or mojo bags for good luck in all things or place in a dream pillow with lavender for better sleep.

4 for $2.00

Tonka-beans_300Tonka Beans

These beans are sweetly scented and draw in romantic love and an appreciation for the sweetness of life. Carry them in your pocket or slip into a gris-gris or mojo bag to bring love and joy to your life.

$3.00 each




The rooster foot amulet is a time-honored HooDoo and Santerian tradition for conveying energy to a person. These rooster feet are humanely harvested and dried in salt for months before they are prepped for use. Nails painted red are for physical protection, black banishes unwanted influences, purple provides protection on a spiritual level, and green is for financial protection. Place on your altar or hang by your door. Scratching in such a way to leave a light mark on the skin brings the amulets protection to you. We also have unpainted rooster feet available.

– Rooster Foot Amulet, Red – $20.00

– Rooster Foot Amulet, Black – $20.00

– Rooster Foot Amulet, Purple – $20.00

– Rooster Foot Amulet, Green – $20.00 (Available but not shown)

– Rooster Foot Amulet, Unpainted – $20.00 (Available but not shown)


Conjure crosses are made from 2.5″ rusted iron nails bound together by copper wire. These potent, powerful amulets are appropriate to wear as a pendant, place on your altar, or hang by your door to repel evil and danger.

– Conjure Cross – $15.00

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