Florida means “flower,” so this is not water from Florida, but flower water that is refreshing and invigorating, so much so that athletes keep it in ice chests to cool them down quickly during events.

Florida Water has an alcohol base, so there is no actual H2O water involved with the creating of this wonderful liquid. It does, however, include ridiculous amounts of citrus and flower essence oils. When Florida Water is applied, any remaining alcohol scent immediately evaporates leaving a very long-lasting floral-citrus scent. You can use Florida Water in your bath, for anointing, or as cologne.

Intense Florida Water, Two-ounce bottle $15.00 (Made from straight essential oils in an alcohol base – Big juju in this one, floral base)

Traditional Florida Water, Two Ounce bottle $10.00 (Made from a gentler combination of alcohol and oils, floral base)

Traditional Florida Water, One-ounce spray bottle $7.00 (More citrus than flower scented)

DSCN56624 Thieves Vinegar and Chinese Wash

Chinese Wash, two-ounce bottle $12.00  Made from a traditional conjure recipe, our Chinese Wash is great for removing crossings, banishing bad luck, and opening the doors for good luck to find you. Use 2-3 Tablespoons in your cleaning water or use straight on a clean sponge to wipe down your thresholds, stairs, walls, doors, and door frames.

Four Thieves Vinegar, two-ounce bottle $12.00  Made from a traditional conjure recipe, our Four Thieves vinegar finds the balance point in your home and returns the energy inside it to a natural rhythm. It stills chaos, eliminates stress and drama, and washes away negativity and bad luck. Use it to clean and bless thresholds, stairs, walls, doors, and door frames.

DSCN5661Blue Moon Water

Blue Moon Water, two-ounce bottle $12.00 Charged during the July 31, 2015 Blue Moon. Good for invoking miracles and new beginnings.


No More Monsters Spray, two-ounce bottle $12.00 Charged during the July 31, 2015 Blue Moon. Good for invoking miracles and new beginnings.



Aroma beads are tiny beads of profound scent, tied in a 2×3″ organza bag. Put them in a drawer, your luggage, a closet, or under your car seat to pump out delightful scent and the magical properties of the oils used to infuse the beads. (Aroma Bead Bags are $2.00 each in our shop – all prices include shipping)

AvalonScented $3.00 each (essence of apples)

Nag Champa scented $3.00 each (a classic favorite temple scent)

Mabon Scented $3.00 each (a brisk cinnamon clove scent)

Dark Kisses Scented $3.00 each (a musky, sweet scent)

Rose Scented $3.00 each (the heady scent of roses)



Our handmade room sprays are created with specific purposes in mind. They are highly concentrated, made from the finest essential oils and propellant carriers. One spray is generally sufficient to empower a room. All are fragrant and highly buzzed.




CREATION Room Spray, 2.5 oz bottle – $8.00 each  — Uses the exact recipe as our Mabon Moon incense and has a cinnamon and clove scent. Great for manifesting and bringing situations into fruition.

PURIFICATION Room Spray, 2.5 oz bottle – $8.00 each  —  Uses the exact recipe as our Baby Bruja incense and is a lavender and lemongrass blend. This room spray is purifying and cleansing, bringing a fresh scent to the room and creating a clean slate for all magical endeavors, as well as removing obstacles to success.

ROMANCE Room Spray, 2.5 oz bottle – $8.00 each  —  Uses the exact recipe as our Dusty Roses incense and is a delightful blend of rose and patchouli. This scent draws romance, love, and sensuous pleasures into one’s life.

MOTIVATION Room Spray, 2.5 oz bottle – $8.00 each  —  Uses the exact recipe as our Citrus Blast incense. An enticing blend of tangerine, lemon, and grapefruit, this room spray is invigorating, inspiring, and creates an atmosphere of forward motion.

HEALING Room Spray, 2.5 oz bottle – $8.00 each  —  Uses the exact recipe as our Mama Gaia incense and is a sweet, heady blend of pear blossom and cucumber. It brings healing on all levels and promotes overall well being.

HIGHER SELF Room Spray, 2.5 oz bottle – $8.00 each  — Uses the exact recipe as our Inner Sanctum incense and is a blending of two of the most popular temple incenses of all time: Nag Champa and Dragon’s Blood. This incense concentration of scents associated with sacred space promote an atmosphere highly conducive to all magical work, including meditation and astral travel.

NO MORE MONSTERS Room Spray, 2 oz bottle – $8.00 each  — Not just a placebo effect for frightened children, although we originally developed it for that purpose. This spray has an earthy, slightly spicy smell, but does contain actually herbs and oils used in exorcism to dispel unwanted presences.


Please note: All prices include shipping

Our mojo bags are highly empowered and each one is personally blessed to its purpose. They contain herbs, oils, tokens, stones, charms, and other items to lend power to the intent of the bag. Mojo bags are dormant until we breathe life into it upon the sale. We have mojo bags for the following purposes:

Prosperity & Money Drawing Mojo Bag $8.00

Love and Passion Mojo Bag $8.00

Protection Mojo Bag $8.00

Health & Healing Mojo Bag $8.00

Wish Come True Mojo Bag $8.00

Fertility Mojo Bag $8.00



Each set of 25 Germanic runes comes from the same oak branch (from the owner’s yard) and is carefully and intentionally burned into the wood. The wood is in its natural state, unpolished with rough, lichened edges. Rune sets include a laminated rune guide and a Crown Royal bag for holding your runes.  $35.00 includes shipping

Handmade Oak Rune Set – $35.00



Our hard working doll-babies and poppets are ready to be personalized by you for your targeted work. The poppets are small, around 5″, and less ornate than the doll-babies. Doll-babies are approximately 8″ and made of burlap or soft cotton. All doll-babies are stuffed with soft cotton and Spanish moss, as per tradition. Popets have openings to stuff personalizing items inside. Doll-babies come with pins upon request. Prices include shipping

Doll-Baby – $15.00

Poppet – $10.00

We will also stuff your doll-baby or poppet with herbs sympathetic to your goal for an additional charge. Email us and tell us your goal and we will charge up your poppet or doll-baby and add herbs inside.

Filled and Charged Doll-Baby – $25.00

Filled and Charged Poppet – $20.00



DSCN4909bAlligator Feet

Good luck in money and gambling. Used on its own or in a gris-gris or mojo bag. Fed with whiskey, cologne, or van van oil.

Large – $20.00

Small – $10.00



Used for protection, healing (especially rheumatism and male virility), gambling luck, getting a job, and increasing sales in an existing business.

Three Buckeyes for $5.00


catseye2Cat’s Eye Shells

These protection power houses are each actually the operculum (foot-closure) of a sea-snail called a Turban Shell or Turbo. They are said to ward off “the evil eye,” and are used on jewelry and mojo bags to repel evil, for protection, and for uncrossing.

$2.00 each


huayruro2Huayruro (Ladybug Bean)

Carried or worn, often as beads, for good luck, prosperity, and abundance. Also used in gris-gris.

Five for $3.00





These natural magnets look hairy, but the “hair” is actually mineral filings the magnetic field attracts. Lodestones are used alone or in gris-gris or mojo bags to draw something to the owner. They are excellent for “come to me” magic that involves drawing money, love, or some other situation to the owner. Lodestones are treated as living beings and must be “fed” something to which it feels a magnetic draw, such as magnetic sand or iron filings.

Large – $10.00

Small – $5.00



nailsRusted Nails

These nails are pulled from a structure that is over 100-years-old. They are square and well-rusted, and approximately 2.5″ long. Rusty nails are good for warding off what you do not want or sending away situations that are not to your advantage. May be used in Witch’s bottles or other protection devices. Great for nailing down what you want to stay put, magically speaking.

$2.00 each


skeletonkeysSkeleton Keys

A mainstay in magical work, skeleton keys are used to lock or unlock a situation, depending on the intention of the user. These powerfully protective amulets are sacred to Eleggua, Papa Legba, Saint Peter, Hecate, and Janus. Keys are used to open doors, unlock truths, and find new homes. Likewise, they can close and lock information and situations up tight.

Our keys are come in small, medium, and large sizes. Because of the rapid turnover of this item, we cannot allow online customers to choose their own keys. Tell us the size you want and what you wish to lock or unlock (love, success, prosperity, wisdom, esoteric knowledge, etc) and one will be chosen especially for you in the size of your choosing, blessed to your purpose, and sent to you.

Large, premium, heavy skeleton keys – $6.00 ea

Medium, lighter weight keys – $4.00 ea

Tiny- $2.00 ea


snake shedsSnake Sheds

Parts of a snake shed are often used in gris-gris for purposes such as creating a life redirection (rebirth), ridding oneself of situations or habits that no longer serve, drawing in wisdom, and breaking out of difficult or constraining situations.

Our snake sheds are sold in segments that are 3-4″ long.

3-4″ – $5.00


StarAniseStar Anise

This lovely seed comes from an Asian tree in the magnolia family that was buried around the tombs and temples of Japan. It is little wonder since the attribute it conveys is that of restful, restorative sleep with prophetic dreams.  They ward off envy and bring good luck to the carrier. Use in gris-gris or mojo bags for good luck in all things or place in a dream pillow with lavender for better sleep.

4 for $2.00


Tonka-beans_300Tonka Beans

These beans are sweetly scented and draw in romantic love and an appreciation for the sweetness of life. Carry them in your pocket or slip into a gris-gris or mojo bag to bring love and joy to your life.

$3.00 each


To “smudge” a home or area means to use smoke to clean, purify, and empower the air around it. We carry white sage smudge sticks, juniper and sagebrush smudge sticks, palo santo, cedar horns, and a mix called “Witch’s Broom” that contains sagebrush, lavender, juniper, cedar, and sweetgrass and is burned on a charcoal disk.

We also have brooms, wings, and feathers to move the air as you smudge, as well as home blessing kits, home cleansing kits, and mini-smudge kits.


Smudging Brooms $8.00 each. Perfect for wafting smudge smoke in the right direction.

Palo Santo Stick $3.00 each. Palo Santo is the wood from a tree in Central America that is beautifully fragrant and perfusant. Light one end and blow it out,  allowing the glowing orange end to breathe a lovely scented smoke into the area. Once stick of Palo Santo can last for months. Palo Santo is approximately 3-4″ long.


Pheasant Wing $29.00 each for when a feather just is not enough smudge power. These wings are approximately 8″ long by 10″ wide.


Large White Sage Stick $15.00.  (approx 11-12″)

Large White Sage Stick $12.00. (approx 6-8″)

Small White Sage Stick $8.00.   (approx 4-5″)

Our white sage sticks are fat and strong, gathered and prepared in a good way with tremendous respect for the plant.

Cedar Horn $15.00.  Harvested from the beautiful El Dorado National Forest, these cedar horns are fragrant and strong, approximately 11″ long, and bundled with care.

Sagebrush and Juniper Smudge Stick $15.00.  Harvested from native California sites, these aggressive smudge sticks are fragrant and strong, approximately 11″ long, and bundled with care.

20151122_075931Mini-Smudge Kit

Mini Smudge Kit – $8.00.  A smaller sized shell with a large sprig of blessed white sage.

medsmudgeMedium Smudge Kits

Medium Smudge Kit – $11.00.  A smaller sized shell with a small full stick of white sage.

Home Cleansing Kit – $20.00.  (Not pictured) Includes a 2 oz bottle of 4 Thieves Vinegar, a 2 oz bottle of Chinese Wash, and a smaller sized shell with a small white sage smudge stick for a full, deep home cleanse. Shipping is included in the price.


Witch’s Broom Smudging Mix – 1oz – $8.00.  This fragrant blend of sage, cedar, sweetgrass, lavender, and frankincense will provide fragrant cleansing to even the toughest areas of negativity. (includes shipping)




Please note: All prices include shipping

Each of these sticks is personally hand dipped by Katrina & Eric Rasbold, empowered with quality essential oils and flowing energy. We are famous for our wonderful incenses made with the best ingredients.

Scents of Nature

Excite-mint – 10 sticks for $3.00 – A strong burst of crisp mint

Tree – 10 sticks for $3.00 – A robust combination of fragrant evergreen oils

Fresh Cut Grass – 10 sticks for $3.00 – It really does smell like freshly cut grass.

Lemongrass – 10 sticks for $3.00 – Lemony, herby fragrance.

Oceana– 10 sticks for $3.00 – The delicate scent of the Pacific Ocean

Floral Scents

Lavender– 10 sticks for $3.00 – Peaceful, relaxing, and herbally fragrant

Jasmine – 10 sticks for $3.00 – Sweet, aromatic floral.

Rose– 10 sticks for $3.00 – The heady scent of roses

Citrus Blast – 10 sticks for $3.00 – The invigorating scents of orange, lemon, and other citrus fruits

Baby Bruja 10 sticks for $3.00 – A high powered blend of lemongrass and lavender (high energy, use with care)

Temple Scents

Inner Sanctum – 10 sticks for $3.00 – A temple incense blend featuring ginger, frankincense, and nag champa

Dark Kisses – 10 sticks for $3.00 – One of our most popular blends, this is a rich, exotic scent featuring berries, floral oils, and balsam.

Dragon’s Blood – 10 sticks for $3.00 – This is a strong, magical scent made from the oil of dragon’s blood resin.

Patchouli – 10 sticks for $3.00 – From the finest patchouli oil.

Nag Champa– 10 sticks for $3.00 – “That smell” most associated with temple incense.

Sandalwood– 10 sticks for $3.00 – Classic Sandalwood scent

Dusty Roses– 10 sticks for $3.00 – A romantic blend of rose oil with a hint of patchouli.

Sandalrose– 10 sticks for $3.00 – Sandalwood combined with rose

Fruity Incenses

Bayberry – 10 sticks for $3.00 – It’s not just for holidays! Enjoy the delightful, money-drawing scent of bayberry!

Avalon – 10 sticks for $3.00 – Imagine the sweetest, most crisp apple ever.

Strawberry – 10 sticks for $3.00 – Your favorite decadent fruit!

Mama Gaia 10 sticks for $3.00 – A  sweet blend of cucumber and pear blossom

Purposeful Incenses

Love – 10 sticks for $3.00 – A delightful scent of amber and floral blends that draws love to you.

Fast Money– 10 sticks for $3.00 – A pleasant scent that draws money to you

Mighty Aphrodite– 10 sticks for $3.00 – Amps up female energy, attracts a strong woman (high powered, use with care)

Samhain Fires 10 sticks for $3.00 – Heavy visioning, used with care, strong woodsmoke scent

Sabbat/Holiday Incenses

Yule 10 sticks for $3.00 – Honoring the Winter Solstice

Imbolc 10 sticks for $3.00 – Honoring the confirmations and redirects sent to us by the Universe

Ostara 10 sticks for $3.00 – Honoring the Spring Equinox

Beltane10 sticks for $3.00 – Honoring joy and sexuality

Litha 10 sticks for $3.00 – Honoring the Summer Solstice

Lammas 10 sticks for $3.00 – Honoring the First Harvest

Mabon 10 sticks for $3.00 – Honoring the Second Harvest and Autumn Equinox

Samhain 10 sticks for $3.00 – Honoring endings and release


Graveyard Dirt – 4oz for $8.00. Use Graveyard Dirt for protection and to create endings and peaceful resolution to situations. Our Graveyard Dirty is harvested with permission every Samhain at midnight from a 19th century cemetery.

Law Enforcement Graveyard Dirt – 4oz for $10.00. Same as above, but from the grave of “a good and honest law enforcement officer.” Know how hard those are to find?

Four Crossroads Dirt – 10oz for $8.00. Use Four Crossroads Dirt to move easily between the worlds (a crossroads is at once every place and no place) and to make decisions. Our Four Crossroads Dirt is taken from a crossroads historically used by the Pony Express to get to the Grizzly Flats, CA Wells Fargo Office.

Censor Sand – 8oz for $5.00. Perfect for pouring into any ceramic or metal container to conduct heat of incense or burning charcoal away from the container itself.


Red Brick Dust 2oz for $13.00. This dust is hand-milled from historical clay brick that are more than 100 years old. Use for extreme protection.

Lg Red Brick Dust 6oz for $30.00.

Cascarilla – 2oz for $5.00. Our hand ground cascarilla (powdered egg shells) is perfect for protection and purification, or it can be packed down to make cascarilla chalk.

Bitch Be Gone Powder – 2oz for $8.00. Nice smelling, but hard working because sometimes, you just gotta git rid of bitches. (There is an also a “Bitch Be Gone” fixed candle)

Blue Anil – 1oz for $5.00. Blue Anil is great for drawing in luck, especially in finances, for purification, and for uncrossing.

Black Salt – 10oz for $8.00. Our Black Salt is hand mixed from graveyard dirt from a 19th century local cemetery, ashes harvested from the store owners’ own hearth, and the finest sea salt. This highly protective salt is excellent for creating protective perimeters.

Goofer Dust – 2oz for $13.00. As one of my mentors put it, “There is no benevolent use for Goofer Dust.” This is straight out for forcefully propelling someone out of your life and off your radar. This stuff is so strong that the shop owners literally almost a divorce the week they processed it because they forgot to wear gloves while packaging it. This substance is extremely caustic and should be handled with great care.

Sea Salt – 2oz for $5.00.  As any practitioner worth their salt knows, sea salt is your first line of protection defense before stepping up to Black Salt and then on to Cascarilla, then to Red Brick Dust as the big guns.

Lg Sea Salt – 6oz for $8.00.

Your levels of protection are (from lowest to highest):

Sea Salt


Graveyard Dirt

Black Salt

Law Enforcement Graveyard Dirt

Red Brick Dust

Bitch Be Gone Powder

Goofer Dust or GTFO incense for major banishing