Aroma magic is a key component to manifestation success and the use of specific smells to further magical energy gives your flow an extra boost. People react strongly to certain smells and accentuating the magical process with scent frequencies adds to the efficiency of any manifestation process.


Aroma beads are tiny beads of profound scent, tied in a 2×3″ organza bag. Put them in a drawer, your luggage, a closet, or under your car seat to pump out the delightful scent and the magical properties of the oils used to infuse the beads.

Avalon Scented $3.00 each (essence of apples)

Nag Champa scented $3.00 each (a classic favorite temple scent)

Mabon Scented $3.00 each (a brisk cinnamon clove scent)

Dark Kisses Scented $3.00 each (a musky, sweet scent)

Rose Scented $3.00 each (the heady scent of roses)


Our handmade room sprays are created with specific purposes in mind. They are highly concentrated, made from the finest essential oils and alcohol as a propellant carrier. One or two sprays will usually be sufficient to empower a room. All are fragrant and highly buzzed. These are pet safe, fabric safe, child safe (although they may get drunk on the alcohol base if they drink it) and may be used as fabric or upholstery freshener, air freshener, or even cologne.

7 AFRICAN POWERS Room Spray, 2 oz bottle – $8.00 each  — This traditional recipe blends frankincense, myrrh, cinnamon, sage, sandalwood, and dragon’s blood to bring love, money, luck, health, protection, power, and success.

ABRE CAMINO Room Spray, 2 oz bottle – $8.00 each  — This traditional recipe combines lemongrass, mint, and camphor, along with other vital ingredients to open doors, clear obstacles, and eliminate blockages to success.

BABY BRUJA Room Spray, 2 oz bottle – $8.00 each  —  This lavender and lemongrass blend purifies and cleanses, bringing a fresh scent to the room and creating a clean slate for all magical endeavors, as well as removing obstacles to success.

DUSTY ROSES Room Spray, 2 oz bottle – $8.00 each  —  This delightful blend of rose with a hint of patchouli draws romance, love, and sensuous pleasures into one’s life.

INNER SANCTUM Room Spray, 2 oz bottle – $8.00 each  — Blending two of the most popular temple incenses of all time: Nag Champa and Dragon’s Blood, this intense concentration of scents associated with sacred space promotes an atmosphere highly conducive to all magical work, including meditation and astral travel.

MABON MOON Room Spray, 2 oz bottle – $8.00 each  — This cinnamon and clove blend is great for manifesting and bringing situations to fruition.

MAMA GAIA Room Spray, 2 oz bottle – $8.00 each  —  A sweet, heady blend of pear blossom and cucumber, Mama Gaia spray promotes healing on all levels and encourages overall well being.

NO MORE MONSTERS Room Spray, 2 oz bottle – $8.00 each  — Not just a placebo effect for frightened children, although we originally developed it for that purpose, this spray has an earthy, slightly spicy smell. It does contain actually herbs and oils used in exorcism to dispel unwanted presences, but will not eliminate spirits you wish to remain in your home. It will, however, tell them to chill out so the humans can get some rest. Great for empaths who have not yet learned to “turn off the radio,” so to speak. Great for kids who have nightmares.

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