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Katrina & Eric Rasbold
Katrina & Eric Rasbold

Botánica de La Reina is owned and operated by authors and public speakers, Katrina and Eric Rasbold. When they conceived the business model for Botánica de La Reina, they gave mindful consideration to ideas like, “What magical items do we use most often? What items are most sacred to us?” It is from those meditations that the inventory of Botánica de La Reina derived.

Katrina and Eric teach workshops at local events, as well as at the famous Pantheacon gathering in San Jose, California. They co-wrote the Bio-Universal Energy Series, exploring the movement of magical energy and the scientific premises behind what speeds it up and what slows it down.

Botánica de La Reina is a favorite vendor booth at Sacramento Pagan Pride and the annual PanGaia Festival in Fair Oaks, CA.

What is different about Botánica de La Reina? Unlike most Botánicas and magical stores, the owners make most of the inventory themselves. What they do not personally produce, they purchase from carefully selected suppliers who understand the importance of how the items are harvested, packaged, and handled. The greatest of care goes into the inventory at Botánica de La Reina.

Raised around Appalachian magic, Katrina Rasbold began her magical training in England in 1981 and received her third level Craft initiation in 1991. Eric began his pursuit of magical studies in Korea in 1995. He and Katrina developed the CUSP (Climbing Up the Spiral Pathway) spiritual pathway in 1997 and have co-authored a total of ten books on the subject (The Bio-Universal Energy Series), starting with Energy Magic Compleat. Both have studied a wide range of spiritual paths academically and experientially.  They each hold a Ph.D in Religion and operate a thriving CUSP circle in El Dorado County.

Katrina studied HooDoo and Brujeria under several different mentors. Eric’s focus lies in ancient Aztec magical structures and their influence on the spiritual practices of Mexico. Together, Eric and Katrina blend the power of Black Belt tradition rootwork, Appalachian Folk Magic, Wicca, and Brujeria into a productive and rewarding magical process that pumps through the heart and spirit of Botánica de La Reina.

22Katrina is the author of thirty-two books, both fiction and nonfiction, including the ten she wrote with Eric.

Eric’s popular YouTube channel features instructional videos on a variety of magical subjects.

Joining Eric and Katrina is their hard working, much beloved store manager, Aphia Stanwood, who has worked with the Rasbolds since 2003 and shares their love for all things magical. She is well trained in all aspects of Southern Folk Magic, including Brujeria and Conjure/HooDoo, as well as Wicca.

Come visit the Botánica de La Reina. Feel the energy of the store and the products. Explore the inventory, ask questions, and find highly empowered, handmade items to help you create the life you want to live.

Eric and Katrina have devoted their lives to full immersion into the fields of magic and spirituality. They are excited to share these beautiful, “needful” products with you and to hear how they enriched your life. They are onsite to help you find the tools you need and learn how to use them to effectively create the outcomes you desire.

Katrina and Eric personally create, bless, and empower most of the items available in Botánica de La Reina.

Many of the items available in the shop are offered in the online store. Items are less expensive in the shop since shipping is included in the online pricing.  When you order from Botánica de La Reina, your order is carefully packaged and shipped the Monday after receipt of your payment provided payment is received by 3:00 PM Sunday. Shipping method is decided by the type and size of the items ordered. If the item in available in the home store inventory, it will ship it sooner.

Botánica de La Reina, in brick and mortar form, offers pictures, jewelry, pendulums, polished stones, curios, books, candles and candle holders, working bottles, aroma beads, wands, loose and stick incenses, smudging tools, handmade goats milk soaps, gris gris, bags, powders, dirts, and other magical tools.

(Plus, we can evaluate and likely repair your laptop or desktop PC!)

Botánica de La Reina is located in historical Denio’s, the Roseville Farmers Market & Swap Meet. Denio’s was founded by Jim and Marilee Denio in 1947 and is still run by the Denio family. Botánica de La Reina and ZenTech Computer are proud to be a part of this distinguished and fun legacy in Roseville, California.

To fully appreciate all that Botánica de La Reina has to offer, come visit us at our shop. It is a warm and welcoming magical home full of useful and beautiful sacred items available at affordable prices. Because we make our own products, we cut out the middle man and can offer our inventory at lower prices when purchased in person. Each item is hand picked or handmade with tremendous care and empowered with healing, productive energy.  ~~Katrina Rasbold, Owner/Bruja

Denio’s Farmer’s Market & Swap Meet
1551 Vineyard Road
Roseville, California 95678

Space B-33-34 (Near the produce)
Same space as ZenTech Computers

Store Hours:

Saturday ~ 9:00 – 3:30    

Sunday ~ 9:00 – 5:00